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Rượu vang Pháp Chateau Leret Malbec Reserve có màu đỏ sâu, màu tối với một vành ruby ​​đỏ. Mùi anh đào và mùi hương mận, với ghi chú cay. Rất tốt cân trong vòm họng.

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  1. Thông tin chi tiết

    Rượu vang Pháp Chateau Leret Malbec Reserve

    Tên rượu: Château Leret Monpezat Malbec Reserve
    Giống nho: Malbec (85%), Merlot (10%), Tannat (5%)
    Xuất xứ: AOC Cahors – Pháp


    Terroir – Vinification: The estate takes up most of a plateau between meanders
    of the Lot river between Albas and Belaye. The clay-limestone soil features
    alluvial deposits dating from the Tertiary Period on a stony subsoil. There are
    also outcrops of large round stones from the former riverbed. Consisting
    primarily of Malbec (80%) and other regional grape varieties such as Merlot and Tannat, the vineyard (replanted between 1965 and 1975) is grown sustainably, with grassing between vine rows, leaf thinning, green harvesting, low yields, and long ripening. The soil is kept well-drained in order to maintain the terroir and protect it from erosion. The vineyard benefits from optimum sun exposure and there is a light breeze on the plateau all year long. The microclimate is not only exempt from excessive cold and spring frosts, but also escapes the other extreme of heat waves in summer. This makes for good, even ripening.

    Tasting notes: Deep, dark colour with a ruby-red rim. The nose features cherry
    and plum aromas, with spicy notes. Very well-balanced on the palate. Starts out round and fruity with liquorice flavours. The velvety tannin goes into a good longaftertaste. Great potential.

    Food and Wine Pairings: Thanks to its fruitiness and in keeping with its structure, this wine goes very well with light meat dishes. Let your imagination run free – why not enjoy it with a slab of kangaroo or an ostrich fillet?
    Ageing potential: 8-12 years
    Serving temperature: 16°C

    The château is imbued with history, and legends link it to Jeanne Aymet, who is said to have had an affair there with Henri IV. Château Leret-Monpezat has 36 hectares of vines in the heart of the appellation, between the limestone plateau and the Lot valley. More faithful to the wine of Cahors than to his lover (which provided the background to the traditional French song, Ne pleure pas Jeanette or “Don’t Cry, Jeanette”), Henri IV would have undoubtedly appreciated the wine of Château Leret Monpezat. Beautifully vivacious with impressively rich aromatics, it is the perfect marriage between Malbec and Leret’s terroir. In partnership with Jean-Baptiste de Monpezat since the 1990s, the Vigouroux family built a wine cellar and introduced modern and rigorous techniques with regard to both viticulture and winemaking. The wine is now aged in oak barrels and everything possible is done in the vineyard and cellars to respect the environment.

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